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Business Interruption

Income loss is something that no business owner wants to face. However, unexpected disasters can happen at any point. This is a worry that business owners shouldn’t have to have at the back of their minds. My Claims Captain is the top team of public adjusters in Miami. We can help your Miami business plan for the unexpected so you don’t have to deal with facing income loss.


There are many reasons why you should have a safeguard in place for your business. In the incident of a fire or storm damage, it could leave your establishment unable to operate. If this happens, it’s not just you who suffers from income loss. Your staff will also feel the effects as well. This is why it’s important to seek help from a licensed public adjuster. My Claims Captain is ready to manage your interruptions claim.

Business Interruption Claims

My Claims Captain serves the greater Miami area to make sure all business owners have their insurance claims handled the right way. We want to make sure every client is informed about Business Interruption Insurance and how to get the most from their claims. This insurance is meant to cover any income loss in the event of damage preventing your business from making money.

The team at My Claims Captain wants to make sure your claim gets the right level of care. When your company is experiencing interruptions, you deserve the full amount from your claim. One thing that stresses out a lot of business owners is when the insurance company offers them an offer that’s so low it barely covers the damages. How are they supposed to cover the damages and their staff’s income loss if the insurance provider isn’t cooperating?


Insurance providers are known to work claims in their favor. That means that they often send policyholders a lower offer than they are entitled to. If this has happened with your income loss or interruptions claim, My Claims Captain is here to help you out. The public adjusters on this team have years of experience managing income loss insurance claims and we will not stop until you are offered the full amount to your claim. We have helped many businesses in Miami get more than they originally asked for.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

The professional public adjusters at My Claims Captain are ready to make sure your claim gets settled fairly. There are a few things that Miami business owners can expect when they reach out to My Claims Captain about filing a claim for income loss. To make sure your claim is fully accurate, an adjuster from My Claims Captain Miami will make an appointment to visit your business and evaluate your claim. This will include:

What My Claims Captain Wants Every Business Owner to Know

Insurance is a must-have for every business. Tornados, hurricanes, heavy rain, fire, and vandalism are all things that businesses owners can’t always avoid. This is why it’s important to plan for the unexpected. If you haven’t mapped out a plan for what to do it damage prevents your business from being able to operate, this is something that you should make a priority.


This is why My Claims Captain highly recommends getting in touch with your insurance provider. You need Loss of Business Income Insurance or Business Interruption Insurance. This policy makes it easier to plan for the unexpected. When you have the right insurance plan in place, a big weight of stress is released from your shoulders.

What a lot of people don’t consider is that if they don’t have the right insurance policy in place, there are certain types of damages that are so severe, the company could be put out of business. No business owner wants to think about losing their business. This is why it’s not only important to have a good insurance plan, but you will also need to be firm with your insurance claim.

When it comes to insurance claims, My Claims Captain says “Go hard or go home” and we mean it. The public adjusters on our team know how to press hard on the insurance companies to ensure our clients get what they deserve. We have a thorough plan to make sure you don’t get low-balled out of your insurance claim.

My Claims Captain Works With The Best

All income loss insurance claims are settled in-house, but My Claims Captain works with many professionals along the way to make sure everything goes accordingly. We have teamed up with experienced attorneys, consultants, real estate professionals, and even former adjusters to make sure all clients get the best service. We aim to get your insurance loss claim settled sooner.