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Hurricane Damage
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Hurricane Damage

The strong winds and heavy water from a Hurricane can do a lot of damage to a building. Miami’s tropical climate puts home and business owners at risk of hurricane damage. If you own a property in Miami that was affected by hurricane damage, then you need to reach out to My Claims Captain today.


Out of all the storms that hit Miami, hurricanes do the most damage to buildings. One hurricane can leave a homeowner with thousands of dollars in damages. What makes this situation even worse is that the home is also a danger until the damage has been repaired. This is because a hurricane can cause damage to your roof, foundation, electrical circuits, and more. 


The experts at My Claims Captain understand the stress that homeowners and business owners face when their property has been damaged from a hurricane. We can manage your hurricane damage insurance claim so you can get the settlement you need to cover all of the damage. Contact us today to find out more.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

My Claims Captains has some of the top public adjusters in Miami working to settle our clients’ insurance claims. We settle every claim on a case-to-case basis in order to get our clients the amount they asked for or more. Our goal isn’t to get as many clients through our doors as possible, but to get each case settled for the full amount. We aren’t happy unless our clients get the amount they need to cover all the costs of repairs.


As one of the top public adjuster services in Miami, we aim to make sure your insurance claim is one less thing you have to worry about after hurricane damage. Trying to settle a hurricane damage claim on your own can be very stressful. Insurance companies are known to work in favor of the provider, which is why they always send their clients the lowest offers. At My Claims Captain, we make sure the insurance providers realize we don’t have time for low offers. 


Our expert negotiators have a unique skill for breaking past the barrier insurance companies set up and getting our clients the settlement they deserve to fix the damage caused by a hurricane. This way, our clients won’t have to worry about covering any expenses out of their own pocket. 


The public adjusters at My Claims Captain have a reputation for making the insurance claim process easier for clients. Not only do these experts take care of filing the claim and negotiating with the insurance company, but they are also known for getting the full amount clients asked for or more. So, what can you expect when you contact My Claims Captain for your hurricane damage claim?

Hurricane Damage Claims

Re-entering your home after hurricane damage has taken place can be very dangerous. This is because it can result in several types of damage. This includes:

Make sure you keep an eye out for any damaged wires or sparks when you enter the home after damage has occurred. If it doesn’t look safe, we strongly recommend shutting off your electricity until you have a professional take a look at it.


Always take pictures of the damage that the hurricane has done. This is crucial for filing an insurance claim. It’s also suggested to make a list of everything that has been damaged. However, the more evidence the better, so try to get as many pictures as possible to ensure the cost of the items gets covered in your claim.


Don’t re-enter the building if you smell gas. It’s also crucial that you inspect the building for any unstable structure or low-hanging wires. These could present danger for you while you are in the home. While you may want to start performing some repairs, it’s important that you don’t touch anything until you have contacted My Claims Captain.


While you should leave repairs for the time being, it’s important to remove wet contents from the building. If wet contents are left inside, mold can easily start to develop which will lead to further problems.  

Hurricane Damage Insurance Adjuster

When damage occurs, you need a public adjuster who you can trust. My Claims Captain is dedicated to getting the most for its clients. We aim to make sure every home and business owner in Miami knows who to call when they need to file an insurance claim. We can even help you re-open old claims. Just because you were lowballed in the past doesn’t mean we can’t get you a fair settlement today. 


Contact us at My Claims Captain today to learn more about how we can help with your hurricane damage insurance claim. We strive to get our clients a fair settlement sooner.